Why Letters from Home? Posted on March 21st, 2013

While looking through old family photos from the 1800’s, we realized that other than the photographs we held in our hands, we know little about our ancestors.  For some, we don’t even know their names. What were they like? What did they experience? Did they have a relationship with the Lord and what did He teach them? These are things we wished we knew. It got me to thinking about the brevity of life and how I want to share our lives with future generations that we may or may not get to meet.  So I am resolved to write letters that will answer some of these questions about us for those who are still yet to be born. In the meantime these letters can serve as a way to hopefully encourage others and keep me accountable to write them.

They will be addressed to several different people. I am starting off with Sarah, my sweet friend who will be moving far away to start her own family. I will also be writing letters to my daughters Lady Bird (Breezy), and Rosey Bird (Emily Rose), as well as the Little Birds (those precious future generations of ours).  There will probably be others that I will write letters to for one reason or another. I may even just start naming grandchildren and great-grandchildren just for the fun of it.

I pray that these letters will be a blessing to those who read them, whether you are family or friend.

7 Responses to “Why Letters from Home?”

  1. Marie B

    I have been thinking about this lately too. I’ve been buying small journals and drawing in them and writing scripture down. I think I will also write letters. That is a wonderful idea! :)
    Love and miss you,
    Marie :)

  2. Robin Brookshire

    Love and miss you, too! I think I will write you a letter! :) Give everyone a big hug from us.

  3. Hannah Mendenhall

    Oh these are wonderful, Mrs. B! They will be fun to read especially since I know to whom you’re writing :)

  4. sarah mae

    I love this so much.

  5. Stephanie

    I am so happy to see this post! I have been writing journals to my girls inspired from my great-grandmother who at 86 wrote a small manuscript to my maiden side of my family. She writes of growing up in Iowa but goes back a little further and tells us about her parents migrating from the Netherlands when they were teenager’s.

  6. Robin Brookshire

    Stephanie, that is wonderful. What a precious legacy.

  7. Amanda

    Robin, I enjoyed this post. I was just talking to my mom this week, and we were admiring Breezy’s artwork in “Audrey Bunny.” She is doing geneology, and she would love to know if you had any information about your Brookshire relations. My great, great grandmother was a Brookshire. Feel free to email me privately if you wish.
    Amanda Mills

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