Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (+free embroidery pattern) Posted on July 27th, 2012

Kindness Embroidery by Clementine Patterns

I am having such a wonderful time stitching up these samplers. It feels like I am painting on the material.

Kindness Embroidery by Clementine Patterns

You can read my latest post on the Fruit of the Spirit series over at Raising Homemakers. It includes the PDF embroidery pattern for Kindness, it will be available for FREE until August 10th.

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  1. Sarah Mae

    Robin, I love your new profile picture, it’s beautiful!!! :)

  2. Robin Brookshire

    Thanks! I have a very patient and great photographer. :)

  3. Jacqueline @

    I, too, love your new profile photo. You are so blessed! I apologize for not commenting for so long. Life and circumstances surrounding my mother’s health and finances have made time extra scarce. I appreciate you and your wonderful, encouraging blog. Blessings, dear one!
    BTW, while I am thinking of it, if you do take the time to link-up, please consider joining in the “EOA’ Wednesday link-up. You would bless the readers and be a great addition to the community.

  4. Chloe Jane Schofield

    Hello There,
    I have just been looking around your website, I have fallen in love with it! I have a feeling you might like looking around my new little etsy shop:

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